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MUET Speaking Test 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt. Alhamdulillah, dah selesai pun menjalani Malaysian University English Test (MUET) untuk Speaking component pada 5 April 2011 kat Al-Malik Faisal (AMF) Hall, Pusat Asasi UIAM, Petaling Jaya. Let me tell you some story about my test.
I come quite early on that day. On my examination slip, it is stated that my speaking test will be held at 11 o’ clock in the morning. I stood in front of the main hall door about 15 minutes before 11 am. But I don’t know why but me and others were allowed to enter the hall a bit late, about 11.15 am.

So, when we enter the hall, we went straight to our centre point. Me at MB9019. Then, we through some procedure like writing our name and sign on some papers, check out for our group number and also, switching off our phones and give them to the staff.

Then, we wait for couple of minutes, and then they call for the first group of my centre. Unfortunately, I was the first group and also the first speaker! Huhu~

They were two examiners in the room, they asked for exam slip and also IC. It seems like they are friendly. I hope their marking will not so strict.

Only four candidates there including me. I know one of them, Ahmad Khalil. He is my classmate for Fardhu Ain subject last semester and he taken the same course as me. Other two, I am not really familiar with them, but during the quarantine process after the test, I found out that they are from architecture studies.

First, the examiners talk something, I was not sure what it is because I was menjeling at the question paper for some hint. Hehe~ Then, we were asked to read the question for both sections (A and B) for 1 minutes. I think it is quite a long time given, so I think for some ideas.

The topic (Section A) is : The fast food outlet has many advantages. Me as Candidate A get a sub-topic : The fast food outlet provide job opportunities for young people. It is quite easy than others, but I have limited time.

So, I get two points : youngsters like SPM leavers will not waste their time and also experience.

But I was not elaborate very well and I stop before the time (2 minutes). Then, an idea come to my mind, that is some fast food outlet provide a career progress like boleh naik pangkat dsb but I have a clueless word at that time. I don’t know what to say. So then, the examiner said that it is already 2 minutes and I can continue on the next section.

Next, Candidate B, Khalil. Khalil did not perform well. He speak very slow and in a low voice. He stopped before time and he did not have so much point. He took some of my point also about the experience, but I think it is not really related to his sub-topic.

Candidate C and D, they speak a lot, especially Candidate D but I could detect very clearly their grammar mistakes. They speak most like they speak Malay and Candidate D also said, ‘lah’, ‘ni’ and others. I think it ruined his result as he got a lot of ideas.

Then, in Section B, the question is, which one is the most advantage of fast food outlet? I thought to start the discussion but Candidate C is faster than me. He asked for anyone of us to give his point of view first, so Candidate D starts first. Then, he asked Candidate C ideas. Then, Candidate C asked Candidate B idea. Then Candidate D talk again. Hey, bila masa aku nak cakap ni?! Takpe, ni masanya nak jadi kurang ajar sikit.

After Candidate D finished his speak (actually I don’t know he finished already or not), I terus mencelah. Then, I stated and elaborate my new point that I got during the preparation of Section B, that is young people can save the money that they got from the salary for the future use.

Candidate C and D macam tak ada pendirian yang solid. First they agree with Candidate D sub-topic that is fast food outlet provides a conducive environment. But then, after Khalil talk that he like my point better, then, they quickly said that they agree with my point. Baru ingat nak hentam diorang, tapi tiba-tiba tukar point pulak. Ish, kena tukar strategi.

I asked for Candidate D opinion that, he stated before that environment is the best answer, but he denied, and he stated that he agree with my idea. Hah, what ever. Then, terus I stated the conclusion as everyone agree, that the most advantage of fast food outlet is providing job opportunities.

Then, kitorang ambik balik handphone, keluar bilik, kena kuarantin kejap, then blah.

I am not so sure that we finished up 10 minutes or not but I think the time is not really important. Asalkan ada point and know how to speak well. For now, tawakkal je lah for the result.

Waktu kuarantin tu, Candidate D tu kata architecture (AED) nak at least Band 2 je. Aku rasa macam, haish, kalau camtu, kenapa cakap banyak sangat tadi sampai tak bagi can kat aku!!! Course aku at least nak Band 3 kot. Hah, whatever lah!

Anyway, good luck for those who will taken the MUET test soon. I will try to give you some tips and tricks on the next post. Thank you for reading! ;)

JIMIE : Sorry, this post is tunggang-langgang. Kejap English, kejap Malay, kejap present tense, kejap past tense. Masih terkesan dari speaking test yang kena present tense. Hehe~

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  1. hmm....hai nak tanye skit....soalan untuk speaking test berkaitan dengan isu semasa x..?? i takut kalau2 ada tanya pasal current issues....:D thxs

  2. hmm.....nak tanye skit....this thursday i amik speaking test 4 muet this time...i nak tanya, soalan yg dberi 2 mengenai isu semasa ke..?? thxs:D

  3. berdasarkan MUET yg saya ambik, tajuk2 utk speaking test aritu tak lah berkaitan dgn isu semasa. Tajuknya lebih kurang mcm tajuk essay biasa2 yg general je. Mcm saya hari tu dpt tajuk Kepentingan Fast Food Outlets.

    Tapi bergantung jugak, mcm tahun2 sebelum ni ada yang dpt tentang isu2 semasa. Tapi rasanya tak lah mendalam sangat. Lagipun nanti dia akan bagi isi utama satu setiap seorang.

    Sebaiknya adalah jugak baca sikit2 tentang isu semasa berkaitan negara mcm 1Malaysia, Bajet 2012 (tak perlu mendalam), Merdeka Raya ke. :)