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Meat Filled French Toast

Good day to all readers.

This is one of the recipes that I figured out by myself. Even though it looks like Baklava French toast, but I realized about it after few days I try my new recipe. So, no reference I refer to in creating this recipe (even I think that might be the same recipe created before I figure it out). Plus, I did not found any kind of this food before at any places I ever been on this earth (specifically my country, Malaysia).

Forget about it. I would like to share with the readers the new recipe. It quite simple, but I satisfied enough. The ingredients are for yielding 4 pieces of the French toast. Enjoy! :)

Meat Filled French Toast

By Ahmad Jazmi
4 pieces of bread
2 eggs
200g of minced meat/chicken
Chili sauce (or any kind of your favorite sauce)
1tbsp of mayonnaise (optional)
Cooking oil/vegetable oil/butter/margarine

1.      Mix the eggs with mayonnaise. Make sure they mixed well.
2.      Dip 2 pieces of bread in the egg mixture. Make sure both sides of bread are drenched with the egg mixture.
3.      Heat the pan with oil used. Fry the bread covered with egg mixture until golden brown on both sides. Put aside.
4.      Cook (fry) the minced meat (about 100g) until cooked well.
5.      Put the fried meat on the center of one of fried bread (French toast). Pour some sauce on the meat. Then, put another French toast on top and wedge the meat inside.
6.      Cut the French toast from one corner to another perpendicular corner. It’s now ready to be served.
7.      Those steps going to yield 2 pieces of meat filled French toasts. Repeat steps 2-6 to yield another 2 pieces of meat filled French toasts.

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